Friday, June 19, 2009


sooo we arrived in nasca last night, after what was supposed to be a 6.5 hour drive, which ended up being a 9 hour one, yuck...but its absolutely gorgeous here! we are staying at the hotel majoro in nasca, out in the middle of nowhere, with a beautiful pool, a roaming alpaca, bouganvillas EVERYWHERE, and a poolside bar...not too shabby. today has been so completely relaxing...i have laid out by the pool, swung on the swing set, and ate some icecream...have i mentioned im getting credits for this? a couple of minutes we are going to a ceramics workshop, to learn the ancient nasca tradition of making pottery, and we get to bring our creations home! hopefully mine isnt horrible!

if you want to see the beautiful hotel here is the website....
i was joking earlier, because it felt like we were in rehab, we are soo far away from civilization, and there is not a stressful situation in site! yay!

incase you didnt know, nasca is in the desert in peru, so it is hot during the day, and COLD at night! tomorrow morning we are going on dune buggies up and over the sand dunes...and then finishing it off with some sandboarding!!

sadly i only have a couple more days left!! ill be back in the states on tuesday at 12am! ah!

have fun! see you soon!

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