Thursday, June 11, 2009

the inca trail....dun dun dunnnnn...

holy crap! i honestly believe those last four days were the hardest physical days i have EVER done!! we went a total of 26 miles up and down hill from 9,000 ft to 13, god. I cant wait to post my pictures, because they will express what i saw soooo much better than what i can, but to summarize for now..

first day, mostly ups and downs, LOTS of animal poop, very smelly....

second day, hardest day of my life....completely uphill, up STAIRS AND STAIRS AND STAIRS, THE WHOLE DAY, for 6 hours....i felt my heart beating in my head, not a good sign!! when we got to the top of the worst mountain in existence, we felt soooooooo accomplished! to be able to look down at what you just climbed is amazing, and especially to see the little ants of people just beginning, muwahaha. on a brighter note, we walked through parts of the jungle, saw LOTS of orchids, huge hummingbirds..i think we climbed about 3,000 ft in that one day!

third day, best day of my life! mainly down, although it hurts the knees, and ankles, it was much more enjoyable, my heart beat was not in my head this day! haha..the end of the day was the best. our campsite was literally in the clouds, you could feel a cloud passing around you, the air would go white and it would get SO cold, SOOOO AMAZING. the best views i have ever seen, i cant wait to upload my pictures!! ive already filled up at 4gb memory card, hahahaha...oops.

fourth day, was about 5 hours long, and all i can say is HUMID, jungley parts, rivers, and YES CIVILIZATION! hahahaha...on the way to machu picchu, we had to climb these stairs that were basically at a 90 degree angle and as tall as my shins, i thought i was going to fall back and die with the weight of my oh man...luckily i made it!

machu picchu was gorgeous, but i honestly believe the hike was way more special! i have definitely proved to myself that i can accomplish most things put in front of me!

i hope you all are doing well!
today we are watching the festival of Corpus Christi, should be amazing!!!

hope to talk to you guys soon!


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