Wednesday, June 3, 2009

horseback riding...

so today we went horseback riding at around 13,000ft! holy smokes! this was my first time EVER riding a horse, and man was it interesting, haha. the whole trip was about 3 hours and we were able to ride around great viewing spots over the city of cusco. i learned i that i am allergic to horses on this trip! basically the whole time i was holding on for dear life and sneezing simultaneously, makes for an interesting ride. also, didnt know horses were so GASSY, my horse, principe, had lots of hot air to add to the city of cusco. anyways, it was great, photos coming when im back in the states, so sorry guys! i hope everything is going well! im trying to save some money by eating pb&js, haha, how peruvian! talk to you soon!


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