Tuesday, September 29, 2009

fair time

so tonight brian and i made it to the virginia state fair, i haven't been to a fair in YEARS and was SO excited to go! when we arrived the smell of all the funnel cakes, turkey legs (ew), and fried deliciousness was so great (minus the turkey legs)...i had these high hopes of going on all the rides i went on when i was like 10, but sadly i am not the same person as i used to be!! the first ride we went on made us both SO sick, we never fully recovered from it! hahaha, the moment i got off i was soooo dizzy! i don't know about you, but i do not have the same stomach as i used to have :( which is very depressing!

although we were both nauseous for the whole 2 hours and then the thirty minute drive home, the night was beautiful and it was filled with lots of laughter which makes up for everything else.

here are some photos..

Friday, September 25, 2009

moving on....

hello all, just an FYI that i just changed where i'll be updating my work....

the new website is:


i hope you enjoy! i certainly do and i think it will be a great new start!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

knitting knitting knitting

so for the past week i've been knitting and knitting whenever i get a free chance for my critique class.....i just finished my first knitted necklace and it totals about 15 feet, yikes! i'm really excited to show you the progress, but sadly my camera is malfunctioning :(....so pictures soon!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

tree houses

so brian and i were talking about living in the woods, haha, and tonight while monitoring in the studio i found these great tree houses, hahaha.....

too funny..

wouldn't it be great to escape?

fun video

this is a beautiful animation by the greedy hen for the band the middle East...check it out!

yay for exciting news!

so today was a great day :) i was officially extended an offer at anthropologie as an intern to do the art installations! i am sooo excited and CANNOT wait to start! i go in friday to fill out paper work and decide my schedule! yay!!!!! i really can't wait to see what i get to do and meet some amazing people :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

inspirational photos

so last night while in the studio, i was online looking for textile/jewelry that could help inspire any part of my design (form, color, pattern..) i was really excited with what i found....here are some photos

i am excited to see where i go with this semester, but here is a little peek into what i am thinking.

project one final photos

so my first official project of the semester is over :) to recap: our first project was to remake either our favorite, or most intriguing piece. i chose, the asymmetrical bright blue multi strand necklace located below. for this project, i wanted to take away all color so the viewers eyes are able to focus solely on the texture/pattern the various mixed materials make when placed together. the materials i used for the creation of this necklace are: sterling silver, cotton, alpaca wool, felt, merino wool, and clay.

although i find this project to be successful, i am inspired to create larger, more body encompassing pieces for the remainder of the semester. since, i am in the senior critique class, i have the opportunity to create a solid body of work focusing on one theme, or idea.

this upcoming week i will be working on my proposal for the semester (6-7 works, eek) including sketches and samples. i'll post photos as the semester progresses, showing sketches, samples, in progress photos, and finished pieces.

i am really excited about what this semester has to offer, because now i am fully able to create a series, and see where my mind takes me :)

wish me luck!

i will have better photos soon, my camera decided to die on me before i could get a chance to document it on the body.