Thursday, September 10, 2009

project one final photos

so my first official project of the semester is over :) to recap: our first project was to remake either our favorite, or most intriguing piece. i chose, the asymmetrical bright blue multi strand necklace located below. for this project, i wanted to take away all color so the viewers eyes are able to focus solely on the texture/pattern the various mixed materials make when placed together. the materials i used for the creation of this necklace are: sterling silver, cotton, alpaca wool, felt, merino wool, and clay.

although i find this project to be successful, i am inspired to create larger, more body encompassing pieces for the remainder of the semester. since, i am in the senior critique class, i have the opportunity to create a solid body of work focusing on one theme, or idea.

this upcoming week i will be working on my proposal for the semester (6-7 works, eek) including sketches and samples. i'll post photos as the semester progresses, showing sketches, samples, in progress photos, and finished pieces.

i am really excited about what this semester has to offer, because now i am fully able to create a series, and see where my mind takes me :)

wish me luck!

i will have better photos soon, my camera decided to die on me before i could get a chance to document it on the body.

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