Wednesday, June 24, 2009


yesterday was officially the longest day of my life! we started it off at 2:50am and it didn't end until last night at 2:20am!! AH! leaving lima was bittersweet! i am soo happy to be back in virginia surrounded by those whom i love, but so sad to leave the wonderful country of peru! i am so glad that i chose to do this experience, because it was completely amazing!  this trip tested my body and my mind and was SO much fun!  i am happy to report that i have met some awesome people, who i cant wait to see again!! i am COMPLETELY inspired by what i saw, and am already sketching designs for my senior jewelry class, SO EXCITED! i am most excited for the potential opportunity that my friend and fellow traveller, deborah shapiro, and i are planning!! we are curating a show for all of those who attended the trip and created work inspired by their travels! cross your fingers that it works out! not only have deborah and i started to scheme about the show, but we have so many exciting collaborations planned for the following year, i can't wait to hang out with her in the PAPR studio!  watch out for deborah, she is an amazing artist, and an awesome person!!!  

so yay for the wonderful experience, the great memories, and the awesome personalities on the trip! i can't wait to share my photos with you all! i'm going to try to start uploading,editing, and sharing today!? i think?  

also, i can't wait to cure my craving for mac&cheese with pickles!! i have been craving it since i left a month ago, and for any of you who know me, KNOW i love mac&cheese!!! i can't wait for lunch! hahahah

much love.

cant wait to see you guys soon!

happy :) and sad :( to be back, but so happy to see you all and share the wonderful memories, 


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