Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Enameled things...

Here is a sampling of what I did this past spring semester,  working with color has always been exciting to me. Enamel allowed for me to bring exciting color schemes to my jewelry creations, thus inspiring me to incorporate my new found love of textiles. I hope you enjoy, I sure did!

Sugar Coated Series:
These pieces were inspired by the saying "you are what you eat".  I wanted to make a fun, playful piece, so obviously I chose candies and bright, childish colors!  Everything about this piece yells playful, from the chain that was altered with the cotton loops, to the candy replacements of body parts.  This was a fun piece to create, and I hope you enjoy!

Gum Drops in my Ears
Cotton, Sterling Silver, Copper, Enamel, Gum Drop

Licorice in my innards 
Cotton, Sterling Silver, Copper, Enamel, Licorice 

Cotton Candy Kidneys
Cotton, Sterling Silver, Copper,  Enamel, Jelly Beans

Dairy Land
Wool, Fleece, Cotton, Broadcloth, Enamel, Embroidery floss, Copper

This piece was inspired by looking at landscapes from above.  I wanted the piece to resemble what would be viewed as one was flying over the midwest, looking out over the various farmlands.  

Color Study Series:
This series grew out of my increasing interest of incorporating textiles, throughout the past couple of semesters I have included mixed materials, plastic parts, and fabrics.  I think I am finally getting somewhere with this series.  The Color Study, Red necklace is for sale, and can also be recreated for $100.  

Color Study, Red
Inspired by shag carpets, bright colored yarns, and the sketchy qualities of my drawings.  

Color study, blue

Again, inspired by shag carpets, and the rich blue yarns.

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